Licensing of CSoft Developmentā€™s products.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Get CSoft software removal form.  
  2. How to active license online?  
  3. How to find out which user or computer holds a license in same network from server?  
  4. How to generate license log from the system?  
  5. How to get a new license file for a old product?  
  6. How to get MAC ID or Disk ID of a system using CSoft License server?  
  7. How to get MAC ID or Disk ID of a system using FlexLM Tools?  
  8. How to get old version of product after older than upgrade?  
  9. How to install CSoft License Server with network license?  
  10. How to remove old license file from the system, and use new license file?  
  11. How to request license by e-mail?  
  12. How to request license by Fax?  
  13. How to request network license online using CSoft license server?  
  14. How to use the .lic file with CSoft license server?  
  15. Is CSoft license server works with Virtual System like VMware?  
  16. Is it possible to use network license on VMware workstation?  
  17. What is a License file?  
  18. What is Hardware Lock?  
  19. What is License Server Setup?  
  20. What is License Server?  
  21. What is Licensing Service?  
  22. What is LicServSetup.exe?  
  23. What is Local license?  
  24. What is Network license?  
  25. What is Registration Wizard?  
  26. What is Regwizard.exe?  
  27. What is SSA?  
  28. What is the latest CSoft License Manager setup available?  
  29. What is the procedure to transfer license from one system to another?  
  30. What is the process of Sending License Request from another computer?  
  31. What to do if the hardware lock broken?  
  32. What will be the folder path of CSoft products license file?  

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