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WiseImage menus is not showing in WiseImage for AutoCAD ribbon menu bar. What to do?

You can try following method:-

1) Launch WiseImage 16.0 for AutoCAD 2016

2)Use "Menuload" command

3)Unload the WISEIMAGEEDIT item


4) Then Browse the menu item (ribbon_edit.cuix) again from the attached folder (unzip it and replaced the menu folder here- C:\Program Files\CSoft\WiseImageAC 16.0\AC2015)
and load it in AutoCAD and close it.

5) If the toolbar is still not appear, then go to "Tools" from the menubar of Autocad and then click on toolbar and
then go to WISEIMAGEEDIT option for the toolbars.


Also in AutoCAD use "Appload" command, and click "Contents" and click "Add" and browse for WiseImage.arx
from C:\Program Files\CSoft\WiseImageAC 16.0\AC2015 this path and proceed.


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