WiseImage is a new generation of 2D standalone application for raster editing, raster-to-vector conversion and drawing revision. WiseImage enables you to make quick changes do editing and correction or automatic and semi-automatic raster-to-vector conversation of technical drawings, scanned maps, plans, drafts, sketches and other graphics. It blends raster and vector with CAD functionality and image processing capabilities perfectly everything in one single cost-effective application.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Comparison among WiseImage, VP, GTX RCAD and Raster Design.  
  2. Difference between WiseImage and AutoCAD Raster Design.  
  3. Difference between WiseImage and GTX RasterCAD.  
  4. Difference between WiseImage and VP Studio.  
  5. Funtionalities comparison of WiseImage Pro/Edit/Lite.  
  6. Get WiseImage Brochure.  
  7. Get WiseImage installation Guide.  
  8. How many types of selection process are in WiseImage?  
  9. How to convert a Polyline into Spline?  
  10. How to create WiseImage profile?  
  11. How to disable pop-up windows which are displayed while performing Batch Studio operation in WiseImage?  
  12. How to enable dimension unit on drawing?  
  13. How to experience trial of WiseImage?  
  14. How to improve quality of a pdf file during import?  
  15. How to move Graphics into the Clipbook?  
  16. How to paste Graphics from the clipbook?  
  17. How to recognize a raster symbol in WiseImage?  
  18. How to select text in a raster image at one go, using WiseImage?  
  19. How to separate a single page from a multipage pdf document using WiseImage?  
  20. How to use Deskew by manual process?  
  21. How to use WiseObject selection tool?  
  22. If there is a FATAL ERROR message during use of WiseImage, what a user should check at that point?  
  23. Is it possible to set customized template file in WiseImage?  
  24. Is there Image embed option available in WiseImage?  
  25. Menubar,toolbar and ribbon is not loaded in WiseImage for AutoCAD, what should we do?  
  26. What are the available compression format to save tiff image in WiseImage?  
  27. What are the common techniques of WiseImage?  
  28. What are the enhancement process after scanning an image?  
  29. What are the major differences between WiseImage Pro/Edit/Lite for Windows?  
  30. What are the methods of Scanning in WiseImage?  
  31. What are the process of Hybrid Editing in WiseImage?  
  32. What are the process of Raster Editing in WiseImage?  
  33. What are the process to Calibrate an Image in WiseImage?  
  34. What are the supported Raster formats by WiseImage?  
  35. What are the UCS defining Commands in WiseImage?  
  36. What are the WiseImage supported Autodesk AutoCAD platforms?  
  37. What does LUT stand for and how it works?  
  38. What is Automatic Raster-to-Vector conversion in WiseImage?  
  39. What is Binarization?  
  40. What is clipbooks?  
  41. What is clipping in WiseImage?  
  42. What is ESRI? How to work with it with WiseImage?  
  43. What is Interval of Width?  
  44. What is Merge(Rasterize)?  
  45. What Is OCR?  
  46. What is Purging?  
  47. What is Speckle remover?  
  48. What is the additional plugins used for text recognition (OCR) in WiseImage?  
  49. What is the function of Train OCR?  
  50. What is the last release of WiseImage?  
  51. What is the process of Batch Processing by WiseImage?  
  52. What is the system requirement of WiseImage for Windows ?  
  53. What is Tracing Process?  
  54. What is WiseImage Batch?  
  55. What is WiseImage for AutoCAD?  
  56. What is WiseImage for Windows?  
  57. What is WiseImage Lite and Base?  
  58. What parameters are contained in the Preferences dialog?  
  59. What system requirement is needed for WiseImage for AutoCAD ?  
  60. What type of file format can be exported by WiseImage?  
  61. What type of File formats can be imported in WiseImage?  
  62. Where can I download latest WiseImage?  
  63. Which redistribution Microsoft is used in WiseImage version 13.0 to version 18.0?  
  64. WiseImage menus is not showing in WiseImage for AutoCAD ribbon menu bar. What to do?  
  65. WiseImage Pro menus is not showing in WiseImage Pro for AutoCAD ribbon menu bar. What to do?  

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