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What are the process of Hybrid Editing in WiseImage?

Hybrid Editing:-
The use of vector techniques for selecting hybrid WiseImage objects;
Selecting hybrid objects and areas within a window and polygon; crossing window and polygon; fence; selecting isolated raster objects; selection by brush and vector contour; various selection modes; wise selection of particular objects;
The properties and geometry of raster objects;
The use of vector techniques to edit raster lines, arcs, circles;
Editing of object geometry using grips;
Rasterizing vectors to monochrome, greyscale, and colour raster images;
Merging monochrome, greyscale, and colour raster data;
Objects moving, copying, duplicating, rotating, scaling, and mirroring;
Objects aligning;
Duplicating objects by vector line, arc and circle;
Exploding complex vector objects;
Breaking objects at specified points;
Extending vectors to specified edges;
Cropping vectors by specified edges;
Correcting vectors intersection;
Arranging polyline elevations with 3D view support;
Polyline edit mode – closing, adding, removing, vertex moving, modifying a curve, joining polylines.

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