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What are the common techniques of WiseImage?

The rough skeleton of WiseImage is based on the following techniques:-

 Vectorization – conversion of raster lines, arcs, and circles to vector objects. WiseImage supports automatic vectorization, selecting and             special tracing procedures.

 Rasterization – converting vector objects to raster images.

 Recognition of characters and raster symbols of arbitrary shape and complexity.

 Binarization – picking a raster image, the dots of which are the same colour as, or similar to, a specified colour.

 Calibration – eliminating the distortion of a scanned image due to either initial distortion or scanning errors.

 Correction and filtration to further prepare an image for vectorization.

 Layering – transferring required information from one image layer to another as a result of operations or based on the criteria of pixel colour       and object size.

 Creating new vector and raster objects.

WiseImage supports all these techniques with multiple additional tools that smooth the workflow and enable the user to solve complex and unusual tasks.
Having learned the power of WiseImage, efficiency is considerably increase and goals are reached avoiding time-consuming and boring operations.

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